There is nothing wrong with being a cheap date. One of my favorite cheap and easy friend-date ideas is a DIY, at-home brunch. I do this all the time and it is so much fun. I’m a morning person so I love to get my hangouts in in the morning and there’s just something about it that feels so special and luxurious. Maybe it’s the delicious food? Maybe it’s the drinks in the morning? Maybe it’s because breakfast is so often rushed but brunch is super relaxed?

I have nothing against going out for brunch (in fact, it is another of my favorite things to do with friends) but sometime you just want to save some money or stay at home. Bringing food to a friend can also make a great gift if you go over to a friend’s house and bring all the ingredients and make brunch for them. It’s an even better gift if you also bring champagne for mimosas.

Cons of Brunch

  • none

Pros of Brunch:

  • cheaper than dinner
  • easier to make than dinner
  • Mimosas!
  • looks great on Instagram
  • you get to be like Ron Swanson, always be like Ron Swanson

So, what do you need for brunch at home? The same things you need for any brunch, but at home:

Eggs: Scrambled is obviously easiest but if you really want to impress someone go for a frittata  or a quiche. Almost everyone is impressed by quiche.

A Bread-like Thing: Cinnamon rolls out of a can? Yes! French toast? Yes! Pancakes? Yes. I love Kodiak Cakes high protein pancakes!

Beverages: Champagne for mimosas is preferred but any kind of fruit juice or coffee is also great.

Meat: Bacon is a clear choice but I’m a fan of a good breakfast sausage.

Do you like to make brunch? What’s your favorite recipe?

In this episode of being super cheap about my wedding we are going to be talking about bridesmaid dresses. My two bridesmaids both wore dresses from Amazon! (I even looked at wedding dresses on Amazon for myself but in the end I went with a dress from a typical bridal salon.)

I did have some concerns about getting dresses from Amazon:

Sizing: Sizes on Amazon can be completely insane. If you buy a dress from an Asian-based company you may have to size up as much as four sizes.

Color: The main advantage of the traditional bridal salon is absolutely matching colors. I was worried that dresses from Amazon would not provide the same level of color matching.

Quality: Quality on Amazon clothing can also be suspect, but we had enough time (and free returns with Prime) to try a few dresses out if needed.

However, I am a control freak so I didn’t let my girls pick random dresses. I made a list of about ten dresses on Amazon that came in chiffon and navy blue. I shared this list with them and let them pick from among them.

My Maid of Honor wore this ($60!) dress:

My Matron of Honor (the Amazing A Hopeful Hood) wore this ($50!) dress:

How do you think it turned out?

I think they turned AMAZING! Those are two dresses from two different brands! The colors looked perfect together, they styles complemented each other, and both girls got to wear a dress that they picked out an felt comfortable in.

To finish off this look I had both my girls wear silver sandals which they either had or acquired cheaply. I paid for hair and makeup for both as well.

Now that I talked about my apprehensions about this plan, let me tell you what I think worked so well:

Price: These dresses were both less than $60! You can’t beat that.

Wearability: Maybe it’s because I was the bride and the bride always thinks that the bridesmaids’ dress will be re-wearable, but I truly think both of these dresses can have a second life.

Quality: My fears about quality were completely unfounded. Both of these dresses were surprisingly high quality. We were all very impressed.

Comfort: Both girls said these dress were comfortable for the entire wedding day, which is a crazy long day.

Where did you buy your bridesmaid dresses? Do you like buying clothes from Amazon?



Most mug cakes have too many ingredients for my taste. If I wanted to crack an egg, I’d make a real cake! This makes a great and filling breakfast or dessert.


53g or 1/4 Cup Kodiak Cake Flapjack Mix (this should work with any pancake mix but you’ll lose the high protein part)

Water Until a Pancake Batter Consistency is Reached

Sweetener of Your Choice

1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract

1 Teaspoon Cinnamon or Pumpkin Pie Spice

How To:

  1. Combine all ingredients in microwave-safe mug or measuring cup.
  2. Microwave on high for two minutes or until cake feels like cake.
  3. Top it!

Alternative, Kodiak Cakes makes Pancakes To Go in a little paper carton.

Have you had any luck with mug cakes or would you rather make a real one?